Why You Should Actually Wear Those Shorty Shorts (if you want to)

Have you ever looked at an advertisement or video or someone walking down the street and thought “That person looks so cute in that outfit, but I could never pull it off!” I definitely have. My whole life, I have always been the ‘bigger’ one in my group of friends. I’m not obese, but I’m definitely not a stick-thin model either. I love fashion, but so often, I find myself choosing clothes that I don’t really want to wear, just because they cover more skin or are more flattering on my body.

I consider myself a pretty fashionable person, and I think I have pretty good style most of the time. When it comes to summer, though, I find myself on the struggle bus. It’s like, I want to look cute, but it seems like all the clothes I want to wear in summer are unflattering or uncomfortable for those of us with thicker thighs, bigger booties, and softer stomachs. Finding a good pair of jean shorts that fits around the waist, flatters my stomach and legs, and doesn’t cut off my air supply is nearly impossible. Trying on swimsuits in stores is one of my biggest nightmares. And most of my problems exist because of the unrealistic standards I have for the way I want to look in these summer clothes. But this summer, I’ve decided to change my way of thinking and just wear those cute cut-off Daisy Duke jean shorts that may show my big thighs and stretch marks because, well, I want to!

I’m a firm believer in women (and men) wearing whatever they want, and not being judged by their clothing. Clothing is a way to be creative and send a personal message out to the world about your sense of style. And that’s the only message it should send. So if you want to wear shorts that show off your figure then GO FOR IT! Who cares what people think; if you feel cool, comfortable, and confident in what you’re wearing (or even if you don’t and you’re really trying to) then that’s all that matters. #sorrynotsorry if my lack of a thigh gap bothers you, but I think that I look damn good in this crop top and shorty shorts.

shorts blog pic
P.S. This isn’t me, but this girl looks damn good too, doesn’t she?
Picture: http://www.lefashion.com/2015/07/levis-jeans-make-your-butt-look-amazing.html



Happy New Year *2017*

As we say goodbye to 2016, many are glad to see it go. From our presidential election, to the death of many beloved celebrities, to some questionable dance trends, I can’t say that this year has been the best for our country and our world.

On a personal level, this has been a pretty great year for me. Katie and I moved into our own place, I got my first dog Breezy, and I made the Dean’s List for the 5th semester in a row. I am comfortable in my relationship, my finances, and my college career. I’m working on my physical and mental health, and plan to continue that in the coming year.

Entering into the new year, I encourage everyone to set resolutions or goals. No matter if you think they’re stupid or unattainable, they can be so useful. It’s psychologically proven that we mentally think of the new year as more than “just another day”. So take time to reflect on this past year, and reflect on your happiness. If there’s something obstructing your happiness, get rid of it! You’re the only one who knows yourself, so make this year the year of you. You deserve it.


stories-copy                               created by Kacey Breitbach via Canva



Christmas as an Adult

Recently I saw a friend’s Facebook status saying that her youngest daughter no longer believes in Santa, and that she now feels like Christmas has lost some of its magic. This post really made me think. As I’ve gotten older throughout the years, I guess Christmas really has become just a little less magical.

My sister is just two years younger than I am, so I haven’t had a young child around at Christmas for a long time. It’s so interesting and wonderful to see kids around the Christmas season. They’re so full of joy and awe. But I think that some of that wonder and magic can still be achieved in adulthood.

This year is the first Christmas where I have my own real space to decorate. Just a few days ago, my girlfriend and I put on some Pentatonix Christmas on Pandora, set up our two-foot Christmas tree, and wrapped presents for hours. I put a wreath on the door and garland on the railing. It’s kind of weird, but decorating for holidays makes me feel like a real adult. And it was such a fun night! I really just love the whole holiday season. The weather gets a little colder and the people get a little nicer. I loved Christmas so much as a kid, and still do. I can’t wait for future Christmases and to create my own traditions with my own family. Even though Christmas becomes a little bit different each year as you grow up, there’s still such a magical feeling in the air, no matter your age.


People receive energy in different ways. Extroverts thrive off of being in groups, interacting with people, and spending time with others.

Introverts such as myself, are quite the opposite. I crave my time alone in my house, hanging out with my dog (she can’t talk back to me, so it counts as being alone). I need this time in order to recharge so that when I am with others, I can be my best self. As someone who struggles with anxiety and loneliness, this can be a real issue. It is the constant battle of needing to be alone while fighting the constant feeling of loneliness.

One way I love to spend time alone is by enjoying the great outdoors. Fall has recently arrived here in Missouri, so I’ve been able to spend my days outside in the beautiful weather. There’s something so serene about sitting outside alone and listening to all the sounds of nature and watching the world in motion.

The other day as I was sitting by the woods outside my house, I found myself thinking about how wonderful the earth is. The earth has given humans so much. We are such a small part of the amazing world. That fact is so very comforting when things seem too big to handle; to just remember that I am a small part of such a huge world. Connecting with nature is an amazing way to realize that.

How Adopting a Dog Changed My Life

The saying “A dog is a man’s best friend” never really rang true for me growing up. My family has always had cats and never owned a dog, so I didn’t know what I was getting into when I adopted my dog, Breezy, a few months ago.

Since then, my life has changed.

Dogs really have a way of brightening any situation. Breezy can fix any bad day I am having by simply licking my face. She makes mornings not so bad when she wakes me up with kisses and cuddles. If I’m having a lonely night, I can glance over to the other side of the couch and see her sleepy puppy face and know that I’m not alone. As someone who suffers from anxiety and spends a lot of time alone, I appreciate the company.


Having a dog is hard work. Having a dog while being a college student is extremely hard work. They’re living creatures that depend on us for their survival. But having a dog is also so rewarding. I take Breezy to the dog park here in town as often as I can. It’s an awesome way to get to spend time outside, get some vitamin D, give Breezy socialization, and socialize myself. I’ve actually made a few really great friends by talking to people every day at the dog park.

Since Breezy has come into my life, I have had exponentially more happiness. She fills my days with cuteness, barks, and face kisses. It’s  a great feeling to come home each day and be greeted with affection right as I walk in the door. It’s a great feeling to know I have someone who needs me, and who, as it turns out, I need too.

Top 10 Things That Make Me Happy

There are so many things in our world that you can be unhappy about. Our presidential candidates, how hot it is outside today, how expensive living life is, the fact that I have to wake up at 7 a.m. tomorrow, just to name a few. So, not to discredit any of the things I just mentioned, but only to spread happiness to someone’s day and put positive vibes into the universe, I’m going to tell you the top 10 things that make me the happiest in life.

  1. The way my dog jumps up on me every single time I get home. Without fail. No matter if I’ve been gone for five hours or five minutes, she will greet me with some very enthusiastic kisses. From the title of my blog, I’m sure you’ve concluded that I love dogs. My favorite dog, of course, is my own, Breezy. My girlfriend and I rescued Breezy from a rescue center in April of this year, so she has been in my life only a short time. But honestly, it feels like forever. She is the love of my life, my pride and joy. You’re just dying to know what this cutie looks like, I’m sure, so here you go!                                                                                      RSCN0715
  2. Knowing I have my family’s support no matter what I do. I’ve been pretty close with my family my whole life, even more so it seems since I’ve moved out. I have one younger sister, Abbey, and my mom and dad. I’ve been through some tough things emotionally, and I know they’re the ones that are there for me every single time.
  3. My girlfriend’s smile. I have a girlfriend named Katie, and we’ve been together for almost three years. Time has flown! Wow, it seems like just yesterday we were becoming friends in high school. Just like everyone else, she sometimes gets stressed and down, but my goal is to get her to smile, because it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. She is my rock in my life, and my soulmate. She accepts me for everything I am, and it’s important to find someone like that in life. If you haven’t found them yet, don’t give up. I honestly believe everyone has a soulmate.
  4. My job. Didn’t see that coming! I attend college at University of Central Missouri and I work in the Human Resources office on campus. I love my job so much! I love the people I work with, I have amazing schedule flexibility, I’m gaining office experience, and I’m learning things that I will actually use in life. When everyone is struggling to fill out insurance forms, I’ll be the pro. Also, my boss gave me a card and some candy on my birthday. So there’s that.
  5. Sitting in a coffee shop, drinking coffee, and reading on a Sunday morning. If I could do this every single morning, I would. It just seems like Sundays are the most convenient. This is my perfect morning. Coffee is a must, because I’m addicted to caffeine. Oops. I love the atmosphere of coffee shops. They’re always quaint, quiet and great for people watching (or eavesdropping on old people’s conversations – they’re just so cute!) And reading has always been a favorite pastime of mine. I’ve loved reading since I learned to read. I wish I had more time to read. Ugh, doesn’t everybody say that?
  6. Picking out clothes to wear that make me feel confident and beautiful. I’m a huge advocate for self-love and body positivity, although I struggle with both of those things myself. Something that helps me with that is fashion. I love fashion, clothes, makeup, jewelry, and all the other girly things you can think of. I think clothes are a way for you to be creative and show your personality. I’ve been through some, ahem, interesting fashion stages in my life, but I don’t regret it, because that was where my personality was shining during those times.
  7. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. For obvious reasons. If you’ve never seen Friends, go watch it on Netflix right now (after you finish reading this post).
  8. Camping trips and enjoying nature. Since I started dating Katie, I’ve gotten forced into spending more time outside. Not in a bad way. I’m glad Katie loves the outdoors. We love to explore, go on hikes, and take weekend camping trips during the summer. It’s one of our favorite things to do together. And of course, Breezy gets to tag along.
  9. Being a part of my university’s Concert Choir. Here at UCM, the Concert Choir is the most elite choir, and I’ve been a member for all of my three years of being here. I’m so grateful for my choir. I’ve been involved in music my whole life. I was performing songs for my dad’s video camera when I was two years old. I’ve been in multiple school musicals, honor choirs, show choirs, state choirs, and pretty much any choir I could be a part of, all throughout school. I started out my college career as a music major, but realized that’s not for me. But I still get the honor of being part of Concert Choir. We have an incredible director, and last year we got to travel to New York City to perform at Carnegie Hall. It was honestly the experience of a lifetime. 12745447_10209141872322620_2970016545160468293_nHere’s a pretty cool picture of me in front of the New York skyline. The Brooklyn Bridge is on the right side of the photo. If you want to see more photos and read about my trip, you can visit my blog I wrote while I was there.  kaceynyctrip.blogspot.com 
  10. Traveling the world. I got the opportunity to go to Europe the summer after I graduated high school, and it was amazing. It sparked a love for traveling in me, and I hope to see so much more of the world in my lifetime.


Wow, that was long. If you made it this far, thank you for reading! I hope you come back for more (hopefully they won’t all be this wordy).